Bottomless Brunch

Ladies, Gentleman and anyone else with a foodie fetish or a fondness for a swally, we’re delighted to present to you our Bottomless Brunch, the latest innovation in weekend afternoon entertainment. The first of its kind Southside of the River Clyde!

Welcome to the Southside, as you immerse yourself and your nearest and dearest in one of Glasgow’s most stylish eateries! It may only be just past 11 am on a weekend but the Prosecco corks are popping all around you at Black Dove, Shawlands. To your left, three ‘ladies who brunch’ are already on to their second bottle of fizz of the morning – a decent pre-lunch performance for a Saturday when many people are still rubbing sore heads from the night before.

Once you’ve sauntered into Shawlands…to your right, a classy handmade tartan teapot wall sign sits with the words ‘let the fun Be-Gin’ written in bold and gold! This seems to sum up the convivial mood downstairs inside one of Shawland’s best kept secrets made up of the kitchen’s cooking aromas in the background. The coffee machine stands tall and aromatic as a brunch staple amongst all the fun-time frolics!

The bottomless boozy brunch is equal parts sumptuous and extensive and this should come as no surprise as the trusted team behind Black Dove’s fine small plates concept has a bit of previous when it comes to such culinary delights and dining deals.

When it comes to the main event, there are various brunch plates on offer, from the Baked Eggs with slow braised Ox Cheek with Cavolo Nero and Peppercorn Sauce, to the stack of French Toast, with Crab and Greek Yoghurt or Bacon and Maple Syrup to the Full Scottish with Smoked Haricot Beans and the Cheesy Chorizo Omelette with a side of ‘Home-grown’ Haggis.

Each course is accompanied by a choice of bottomless glasses of bubbles, Black Dove lager, or Brunch Punch.

Sounds better than a basic bagel and black puddin’, right?

Scotland has a remarkable worldwide reputation for producing world-renowned breakfasts and drinks from Potato Scones to Rhubarb Gin. The evolution and tales of our morning to midday meal are woven into the fabric of Scottish history. We want to let you taste these treats and tipples! Bellini’s and Bloody Mary’s fly high, and there’s even a good range of cold press juices and Midday Milkshakes for those going teetotal.

The share-style menu entails a good balance of savoury and sweet dishes. What’s an extra poached egg portion amongst pals eh?

Our Black Dove Bottomless Brunch, which will set you back £27.50 per person.

Whether you’re starting your lazy weekend off right, or curing Sunday’s inevitable hangover with some good old hair of the dug, we look forward to welcoming you…

We can also let you into a soiree secrete here…This isn’t a one-off, so after the February impression keep your eyes, ears, nose and mind open and fixed to our social media channels for when this Midday modernity will pop up once again!






At Black Dove, we love a bit of a laugh as much as you do, but we’re all grown ups and drinking to excess will not be permitted and participants are required to drink responsibly at all times!

  • 1 plate ordered at a time
  • 1 drink ordered at a time, previous must be finished first
  • 1.45-hour dining limit
  • Last call for alcohol and food will be 15 minutes before the end of the event.
  • Take some photos, tell your pals, sit back, and enjoy!


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For this event and at all other times Black Dove advocates a 100% responsible drinking policy. Due to the current Scottish licensing laws and legislation this is has been common industry practice for decades. Although it is marketed as “Bottomless” we, in fact, have to always limit the drinks to a set amount of drinks per person so as to not contravene the mandatory licensing condition. Although we always encourage responsible drinking at all times, this particular promotion and event is food led.